Why does Wendy write?


I have been writing this and that for a while. I write most of the time for fun and sometimes out of necessity.

After leaving my teaching job in Singapore, I joined the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) and moved to Okinawa. My initial plan to stay in Okinawa for one year was disrupted by the irresistible allure of the Okinawan blue skies and ocean. Inspired by the beautiful island and leisurely pace of life, I had more time to write about the places which I visited and people whom I met. 

During my sojourn in Okinawa, Japan became my muse as I explored and wrote about Okinawa and other parts of Japan. After circumventing the world on Peace Boat, I returned to Singapore and received many questions about Japan and my around the world adventures. So I started to share my travel articles and write more regularly to provide like-minded travellers useful information.

Suffering from “Compulsive-Obsessive-Travel-Planning Disorder” (COTPD), I devoted much time to planning trips. I enjoy planning trips for my family and friends and bringing them to places beyond the well-trodden tourist path. I started providing consultancy services as my friends' friends began to offer to pay me to plan their trips as it is time-consuming planning trips for people I do not know well. It takes time to find out about their travel budget, habits, interests in order to develop an itinerary for their dream holiday. 

So WHYWENDYWRITES - Writing and Consultancy services is born rather surreptitiously due to my fortuitous placement in Okinawa, amazing luck to meet wonderful folks from all around the world, and obsession with words and travel. 

I am excited to hear about your stories too! Get in touch and we shall see how our worlds can converge!


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