✔ Are you planning to visit Okinawa soon?

✔ Are you an independent traveller who do not wish to visit touristy places?

✔ Are you overwhelmed by information while researching about Okinawa?

✔ Are you hoping to get a trusted friend's help to plan your dream trip?

If your answers are YES to the above questions, WHYWENDYWRITES Travel Consultancy may be able to help you plan that dream trip to Okinawa in the fastest, most fulfilling way! 

During my 2-year stay in Okinawa, I explored all over the island, participated in many festivals and even cycled from the south to the north of mainland Okinawa.  I planned my family/friends' trips and filled their itineraries with activities, food and sights customised to their preferences. Even after I returned to Singapore, I continue to plan trips for my friends. I started providing consultancy services as my friends' friends began to offer to pay me to plan their trips as it is time-consuming to plan trips for people I do not know well. 

I am very happy to share my love for Okinawa and help like-minded travellers to plan trips which allow them to:

✔ Experience the authentic Okinawa beyond the usual touristy sights

✔ Gain a deep understanding of the island's culture and history

✔Create unforgettable memories of a meaningful vacation 

Let's start planning!

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Step 1: 



Send an email with these information:
 Short introduction of yourself and your travel partners
● Number of days in Okinawa (dates if you have)
● Your interests and 'must do' for the trip
● Your travel pace (how many sights/activities in a day)
● Your preferred mode of transportation (self drive and etc.)
● Your estimated budget


Step 2: 

Consultation Style


Choose your consultation services that suit your needs
A. Travel Guidance
B: Travel Planning

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A: Travel Guidance

● Plan your trip with guidance from me to consolidate information you have found in guidebooks/websites
● Face-to-face meeting(s) to discuss your itinerary
● Detailed feedback about your itinerary with tailored recommendations
● Hourly rate for consultation (depending on length/complexity of your trip


B: Travel Planning

● I will plan your trip and provide a detailed trip itinerary
● Face-to-face meeting(s) and email/whatsapp chats to discuss your itinerary
● Detailed itinerary with tailored recommendations
● Booking of accommodation, cars, tours and etc. 
● Package rate for consultation and trip itinerary (depending on length/complexity of your trip



The format and style of consultation can be tailored to your preferences and schedule. Consultation rates are provided after I get more information about your needs. 

Just drop me an email at whywendywrites @ and we can discuss more!


Trips Planned by Wendy


Ishigaki+Okinawa (14 days)

Meng and Anna visited Ishigaki and Okinawa main island in Nov-Dec 2017. Their itinerary included booking of accommodation and planning of island-hopping trips in Ishigaki and sights/food recommendations from Ishigaki to Okinawa mainland.



Main island (7 days)

Nicholas visited Okinawa main island for 1 week in Jan 2018. His itinerary included sights/food recommendations, design of driving route, and booking of rental car, accommodation in Okinawa mainland. He is an amazing photographer. Check out his photos here! 


Our trip in Okinawa was excellent! Wendy paid careful attention to our preference for trekking and outdoor activities. Drawing from her personal knowledge of Okinawa, Wendy organised a 5-day stay at a farmhouse in Iriomote for us. Most visitors are unaware of the outdoor activities and treasures of Iriomote and booked only for the day trip. As we do not speak Japanese, Wendy made it a point to find English-speaking guides for most of our activities. Throughout the 2-week trip, Wendy demonstrated care and concern and professionalism. Having lived in Naha, she was able to suggest eateries within our vicinity wherever we went. As we were very busy with our work, Wendy has saved us a lot of time in research and planning with her expertise. We highly recommend her services for people keen to travel in Okinawa with a personal touch.

Meng and Anna

Wendy’s insider knowledge of Okinawa was pivotal in helping me research and plan this relaxed foodie/sight-seeing itinerary. It was a good mix of the popular and must-see locations plus some of her personal favourites and hangouts. I am thankful for the extra support I got when bad weather disrupted the original itinerary. She helped me to process and request for booking cancellations remotely along with some ad-hoc suggestions while on the go.

Nicholas Lee, Pet Photographer at Furry Photos

Nicholas took such amazing photographs of my second home. He showed me views of familiar places from a very refreshing perspectives. Check out his trip reviews and photographs!

Nicholas' Okinawa Part 1

Nicholas' Okinawa Part 1

Nicholas' Okinawa Part 2

Nicholas' Okinawa Part 2

Nicholas' Okinawa Part 3

Nicholas' Okinawa Part 3

Nicholas' Okinawa Cats Special

Nicholas' Okinawa Cats Special